Camping and Bush Crafting

Every hard core Bush Crafter needs a fool-proof source for fire.  

Here are my old school Viking design fire strikers:

Just add flint and some char-cloth and you are ready to make fire.

Several of the designs are small enough to fit inside an empty breath mint tin with room to spare for your flint and some char-cloth.

Here's a sample of a limited edition run I did for a friend, Kent at Kent's Hooligan Libertarian Blog to sell on his blog back in 2014.  The phrase Liberty Strikes Back is etched into the steel.  They sold out fast!

Outdoor Cookery and Accessories:

Here are a few pictures of the hardware for cooking and tending around a fire.
Fire Poker or just a Poke-her

We also make hot dog/marshmallow roasters!

the "insta-grate"

the well equipped camp site
tripods, spits and grates oh my!

A tripod with a trammell.  A trammell is an adjustable pot hook.  And look, the dinner has just arrived (chicken in the background...)

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