Friday, February 26, 2016

One little skinner ready for scales

I am liking how these little guys fit the hand.  A batch of micarta has been ordered and should be here early next week.  OD green, Brown/tan and classic black.  Sheaths for that wee blade should be a cake walk.  Maybe when I grow up I'l get a better camera and place to shoot pics.  I'll add some better pics when the sun is out.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pig Sticker MKII

OD green micarta scales with stainless steel pins full tang 5160 spring steel

A bit of testing before the handle was put on
The customer is looking forward to picking it up tomorrow!
If you are interested in purchasing a blade please send and email to
Some of the new skinner's in the making.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Puppies Will Be Ready On St. Patrick's Day 2016

Hi everyone,
I was hoping I could get most of the puppies sold by word of mouth, but that has not panned out.  I have heard not a peep from the rumor mill.  I have 4 girls and 3 or 4 boys.  I haven't decided for sure if I want to keep one of the boys.
The Momma is an AKC registered White German Shepard. The Dad is a White German Shepard but he is not registerable because he was rescued and we can't track down his lineage so the puppies can't be registered.  

I'm asking 400usd for the pupies and if you'd like to meet the parents and you live in the area that can be arranged. Inquiries should be directed to 
Thanks Everyone

Finalllllly, a (mostly)completed knife

I've gotten this knife to functional.  It still needs a little time with some sandpaper to finish up some of the fiddly bits. There is also the decision to be made whether or not to bead blast the blade.  This is supposed to be a working blade.  Maybe we should call it the "Big Bushcraft Companion".
This would have been done sooner but -22f with -35f windchill is no fun in a shop with a small wood stove and lots of drafts.
5160 spring steel with OD micarta scales

Maybe we need to send a couple to Oleg Volk to show us how to do a good photograph of a blade.

Soon....the fun with Kydex sheaths start.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My New Knife Is Done!

5160 spring steel with micarta scales and stainless pins.  The blade is about 4in long and about an 1/8th in thick. Oil quenched and deferentially tempered.  Shaving sharp with good edge retention.  We batoned some oak and split enough kindling to get a good fire going in the stove and  then shaved some hair off our arms.
Thanks Buddy, awesome gift and much appreciated!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Even more progress

Blades that have been heat treated

My knife that my friend is making for me is almost done.  The bolts have been ground down and the  micarta scales are on their way to fitting the hand like a glove.

Another view, you can see the sharp edges on the handle that need some work.I can't wait to try in out, there are some rabbits whose days are numbered.

Born to snuggle

One of the puppies has to be picked up and cuddled before sleepy time or you get to 15 minutes of woo wooing.   5 minutes in your arms and it's off to doggy dreamland.
All the pups are weaned,  once they got teeth,  momma dog decided nursing wasn't for her anymore.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Slowly but surely we are making progress(not congress) on the latest batch of sharp shiny things

Rough cut outs and blades ready for heat treat

Taped to protect the finish on the blade and the micarta scales epoxied on. 

Almost done, The epoxy needs to cure and then on to profiling the handle.  then the  corby bolts 
are ground down.  From there we are going to bead blast the blade and make a kydex sheath.