Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Smiting Silver----Does that make me a silver smith?

First you start out with this: .925 sterling silver wire
 Then you add some hammer swings, heat and a little hope and Voila!

Sterling Silver Cloak/Scarf Pins.
I'm very happy the way these turned out.  It was fun and I only had to use my wee hammers and the buffing wheel.  I was amazed at how fast the silver work hardened.  Lots of annealing to do, especially on the pin part of the ring.  There is nearly an ounce of silver in each ring.


  1. Nice!
    Long, long ago, I hammered a silver coin to make a ring for my ear. Definitely not as nice as what you did there! Love seeing your work!

  2. Thanks Kent! Who knows, earrings might be on the anvil in the future. I want to do some Viking style arm rings. There's a half pound silver right there.

  3. The pins look awesome! I hope everyone else likes them as much.