Friday, September 18, 2015

Still here....I think...and still busy even when I'm not in the shop!

New Dog
Now my little girl shepard has a boyfriend.  He is/was a rescue.  He is starting to figure out how things are ran on the farm.  His first lesson was it is painful to chase chickens.  It's been a few weeks and now he helps guard the flock like the other hounds.  I'm still trying to fatten him up but I think he burns up all the calories I feed him being a teen aged boy and doing laps around the farm. Why is there 4 times more hair when I only added 1 more dog?!?
Cyberdyne Systems Model Kilo-Niner
You've been targeted!
In Addition to more 4 leggers being acquired the new spring chickens are looking like happy chickens.  Most of the meat birds didn't survive the mini heat wave we had.  Of course it was the week before the butchering was planned.  I lost my ass on that deal.
Chickens doing that chickeny thing.
It has been a busy summer and it is hard to believe the leaves are already changing.  I've met a lot of interesting people this summer and made a few new friends.  I've been having fun doing some custom orders,  and I might make them stock items in future. 
A tasty beverage holder for your patio.

I bought me a new recurve bow and I am trying to get back in to form.  Progress has been made.
That's all for now and I'll definitely maybe try to be better about updating this here blog.

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