Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Yule

  A big thank you to all of my customers this year!  I've had fun learning my craft and I am humbled by the amount of support  I have received.  I already have orders to fill for the new year and a lot of ideas to get from the drawing board to the booth.
  My new helper is an awesome asset and  a great friend.  There is a few projects that literally could not have happened with out his help.  Thank You Good Sir!!!!
  I'm looking forward to all the exciting things that will be happening this year, puppies are on the way, we will be branching out with semi custom knives and tomahawks, more sterling silver goods and adding a mobile forge to the venues where that would be appropriate.  I hope to see everyone at the spring shows.
       Now go enjoy the holiday!!!!!

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