Sunday, February 7, 2016

Slowly but surely we are making progress(not congress) on the latest batch of sharp shiny things

Rough cut outs and blades ready for heat treat

Taped to protect the finish on the blade and the micarta scales epoxied on. 

Almost done, The epoxy needs to cure and then on to profiling the handle.  then the  corby bolts 
are ground down.  From there we are going to bead blast the blade and make a kydex sheath.


  1. Pokey, slicy, stabby things. (But NOT pry-y things!) ;)

    1. That is correct Mr. Kent, a knife is the worst,most expensive pry bar you can buy. BTW are you still interested in pursuing the flint knapped looking knife? What do you think of the blade shapes? We're going for a general purpose bushcrafting knife with an option for long or short blades. The double edged one is primarily just for poking and slicing people who initiate force. Wink wink

    2. I stopped handing my knives to other people when a new knife had its tip broken off by the guy who said he needed to "see" my knife a second. I put up with a poor, reshaped tip for 20 something years before sending it in to Buck for a new blade.

      Yeah, I would still be interested in the flint-knapped look blade.

      Those all look like good shapes. I lean toward the longer ones. My EDC knife has a stubby blade, which works fine for most things, it just looks short and fat to me. It's a Kershaw my dad gave me when I was about 12.

      My personal preference has always been to not have the finger guard built on to the blade- just an aesthetic thing for me. If I want a finger guard, I would rather it be separate. Some of my favorite knives don't even have a finger guard at all, but I like those that do to have a brass one.

    3. We'll have more designs coming out soon, I think our next planned one is a small practical skinner, then another fighting/bushcraft knife.