Sunday, April 17, 2016

Been busy in the shop

The completed burly man knife.
5160 steel, linen micarta  handles with stainless steel pins.  It's a quarter inch thick and it chops pretty good.
The burly man knife next to a customer's paring knife
Here is the cleaver MK I in action.   We were doing a practical field test on some cabbage and carrots before we put the handles on.   I was very pleased with the ease of use.
 I'll have to make one for my kitchen.


  1. Nice knives! And I like the clever cleaver. I have always wondered, though, what's the advantage of a cleaver over a sharp knife? I always thought the point of a cleaver was the weight backing up the edge, but I keep my knives sharp enough it hasn't ever been necessary. But I may be missing something.

    1. Hi Kent, That was my first time using a properly sharpened cleaver on veg. I'm pretty sure you know I keep my knives razor sharp, but even I was surprised at at how little effort it took to go through the cabbage. The mass of the blade and inertia took most of the effort out of the cut and I just had to worry about guiding it through the cut. I know cleavers are very popular in China for food prep and now I have a clue as to why.

    2. I may need to consider a cleaver.

    3. Well, I know this guy........