Thursday, May 5, 2016

Another order done!!!

The cleaver is finally done!  It was an adventure.  The steel company was slow to respond and messed up the quotes and it took almost 2 weeks just to order the steel.  Then our new grinder arrived and it took a few days to get it squared away.  Then the place we ordered the belts from decided that customer service is a quaint idea from the past and didn't let us know they were holding our entire order because they sold out of stainless steel corby bolts and waited until we called a week later to inform us of this. Then it was the middle of the next week before they could be bothered to get the package in the mail.  The bolsters were also a frustrating thing.  I cut them a little wonky and it became quite apparent during fit up and it was back to the grinder and files for awhile.  I did learn my lesson!  In the middle of fit up I ended up with a sinus infection and took about a week off.  The mosaic pins had a defect where the epoxy had a void right where you could see it so I had to cut another couple out.  When it came time to epoxy it went almost perfect due to all the attention paid during fit up.  Sometimes one's perseverance and patience is rewarded,  My friend did a superb job grinding the blade. I couldn't be happier with the slicing ability and ease of use.  Now we get to see what the customers think because that's what really matters.

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