Sunday, August 7, 2016

Wow what a weekend! Thanks to all our awesome customers.

It was an exciting weekend!  A flat tire on the way to a show, a very beautiful gift from a customer, and lots of orders to fill made it a memorable time.  We've sold several knives and have orders for more.
This knife is ready and awaiting it's new home.
I'll be in the shop getting the trip hammer running and playing catch up on orders.  There is 600 lbs of coal waiting to be used and a big pile of steel needing some heat and hammer to make more stuff.  We may need an extra person just to run the wire wheel for clean up!  Thanks again for all the support, it means a lot and we're humbled by the help and encouragement  from the community.
  I'll do a post shortly about the awesome gift.  It deserves it's own post.

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