Monday, May 1, 2017

I finally got a hamon to show up after etch and polish!!

The clay on the blade ready to go in the forge.
In the fire!
After fiddling about with getting a hamon to show up, it has finally happened.  I cracked a few blades getting the water then oil quench method down pat.  I found that if I leave the blades a little thicker before hardening it helps with survivability.  I moved the etchant a little closer to the fire and I think that may have helped with the reaction.   The cold really slows down the chemical reaction.   There is a few more blades in the process of being forged with a hamon.   I'm going to try a damascus blade very soon.
After the etch in ferric chloride.  Reminds me of an Orca

The edge sharpened and a the polish complete.

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