Saturday, July 2, 2016

Dirty dogs, old trailers and trip hammers......oh my!!!

Bad ass grinder of doom
So I had a 25 lb Little Giant trip hammer in storage in the burning waste lands and I needed it to come home with me.  By the way, thanks to all my customers who've made me so busy that I now need my trip hammer to keep up with orders!!!!!  Anyways, I needed a trailer to get it home to the great white north and being poor I cannot afford a shiny new trailer so I had to scour craigslist to find a suitable candidate that was cheap enough and stout enough for my needs.  I drove out to BF nowhere and brought one home.  The dirty SOB didn't tell me it had a broken leaf spring.  It was broken up the mounting bolt and the broken part couldn't be seen until the trailer was jacked up and the tire off.  The SOB had to see it when he changed out the wheels and tires.  I hate crooked bastards like that.  
Because the trailer is old the parts on the undercarriage are obsolete and I had to have a the springs rebuilt in a custom shop.  It is still cheaper than a new trailer or a uhaul rental.

There is hope that late next week I'll be headed back to the Northlands with dogs and trailers in tow. 
25 lb trip hammer

Raggedy ass trailer in need of TLC

An at one time white German Shepard 


  1. Happy trails (and no trials).
    Don't melt before you escape to the North.
    The heat around here recently has made me wish for cooler regions- but for me, thoughts run to higher elevations rather than higher latitudes.

    1. Thanks for the good vibes. It is going to be 95 Tuesday and then 105 Wednesday, the day I have my escape planned for. I think that is melting weather for sure.