Thursday, July 28, 2016

Finally got to work in the shop with no disasters to distract me.

It was actually relaxing to work in the shop yesterday.  The overnight low was in the 50's and there was a nice breeze.  The trip hammer is in the shop proper (in the way for the moment) and the coal forge was moved in the shade and out of the wind.
1800's tech still going strong
The coal forge was in use until the skeeters tried to carry me away and then I moved into the shop.  One custom order down and 4 more to go!
The weather was so nice the dogs could lay out in the sun and not roast like a thanksgiving turkey.
Dogs not roasting in the sun
That's all for the update, time to get back to having fun and getting paid for it.  After we get the trip hammer set up I'll do a short post on it and show it in action.

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