Friday, July 22, 2016

Hot Weather and No Power has slowed things down at the shop.

Hi Everyone,
   Due to the fun with the recent storms, flooded basements, and lack of power we are behind on getting product done for custom orders and store stock.  As of today, 07/22/16 the power company says we should definitely, maybe have power back by tomorrow sometime, maybe.  We appreciate your patience until things get back on schedule.

   On a side note I've been working at night to avoid the heat so if I look like I've been up all night at the shows, it's because I have been.

We will be at Moose Lake Arena tomorrow.

Also my partner Chad and his fiance are expecting puppies. You guys might have seen the Siberian husky they sometimes bring with them to shows. As soon as she has puppies we will be posting pictures.

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